As a CODiE Award judge, you will have the opportunity to conduct a detailed review of the top products in business and education technology.

Why you should be a CODiE judge?

The 2023 CODiE judge form will formally open in November 2022. 

We will notify past judges and those who complete the inquiry form first, so make sure you’re on the list!



Great question! Every single CODiE Award entry receives a detailed review by two expert judges via live demo or detailed written or video response.

In the first round, Judges review and evaluate products against carefully crafted category specific criteria. Top-rated entries are elevated to the second round as “finalists.”

Next, finalists are peer reviewed by SIIA members and first round experts, providing even more exposure and feedback for your company.

The scores of both rounds are combined to determine the winners, which are announced during a special awards celebration.

Step 1: Nominate by January 20, 2023.

Once entrant nominations are submitted and paid for, they are officially entered!

Step 2: First round (expert) review

This accounts for 80% of the overall score

Starting February 6 – Nominees will be emailed a link to access judge assignments and review entry information. There are two judges assigned to each nomination. Nominees are encouraged to contact their judges as soon as possible to arrange demos. Since the demos can take time to coordinate, we recommend nominees use a scheduling tool to help with the process.

NOTE: Some judges (especially teachers) prefer recorded demos. If you have a preference, communicate that to your nominee. Nominees are encouraged to accommodate judges schedules. We appreciate you are volunteering your time — often in classrooms and/or during business hours. With participants based around the world, recordings help accommodate various time zones.

Once demos with the judges are completed, you will score each entry against the category specific criteria. All nominees will be notified and finalists will be announced on April 19, 2023. Finalists are provided next steps and PR materials to help promote their finalist status.

Step 3: Second round review.

This accounts for 20% of the overall score

Finalists receive a second round peer review by select first round judges and SIIA members. This is a quick review of materials provided in their entry (usually consisting of a video or written response, nomination description and URL) and accounts for 20% of the score. No additional demo is required.

Step 4. Celebrate!
Winners will be announced virtually June 7 & 8, 2023. Stay tuned for details!

Yes! BUT, you cannot judge in any categories your company has nominated in, or that you would have a conflict of interest with.

You will be expected to evaluate up to five (5) products in any one of your preferred categories. All demos are conducted virtually and take approximately 45-minutes to 1-hour per product to review. Budget six (6) hours of time for judging between reviewing demos and completing the evaluation. Product assignments will be sent to judges the week of February 6. Please review your product assignments in the judge dashboard as soon as they are received and notify the Awards Director if you see any conflicts of interest or are no longer able to participate.

Yay! We couldn’t have the CODiEs without our awesome judges. Sign up now!

CODiE Awards judges represent education and business technology leaders looking to learn more about top technology products and leadership within the industry. Judges include teachers and administrators in ed tech categories and executives, product leaders, tech engineers, investors, and consultants in business technology categories.

Before applying, read our terms & conditions for judges. We encourage you to select the top categories you feel most qualified and most interested in reviewing.

NOTE: some categories receive over 100 applications so we cannot always assign all qualified/ approved judges products. Priority is given to past judges with outstanding feedback, and to those who apply first.

You will receive a confirmation email as soon as your application is received. You will be notified as soon as the application has been reviewed, usually within a few days. If you don’t receive this email, please check your spam filters and safelist jbaranowski@siia.net

Everything you need to know to become a CODiE judge can be found right here.

As soon as you are approved as a judge you will receive tips and resources including badges for your email signature, ways to add the experience to your LinkedIn, and approval to join the judge LinkedIn group. Once your assignments are completed you will receive a certificate and small token of appreciation from the CODiEs team. If you need a letter of completion, please let us know.

We have many great resources for the CODiE Awards to get questions answered. If you are new to the CODiEs please use the LinkedIn group or request a mentor to help you through the first year ramp up.

Notify the Awards Director as soon as possible if you have any conflicts or possible conflicts of interest.

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