CODiE Awards

About the CODiE Awards

Since 1986, the SIIA CODiE Awards have honored thousands of software, education, information and media products, leaders and teams for achieving excellence. Over the years the CODiE Awards have built a strong reputation as the leading peer-recognized program in the Business and Education Technology industries, so each CODiE Award win serves as incredible market validation for a product’s innovation, vision and overall industry impact.  To ensure the very best products make it to the winners circle, each nomination receives a detailed review by two expert Judges during the first round Expert review; each finalist product receives a second, Peer review by a team of industry leaders.

The SIIA CODiE Awards were established so that pioneers of the budding software industry could evaluate and honor each other’s work. The program evolves alongside the ever-changing innovations in technology, but the core mission remains the same: honoring excellence in leading technology products and services. Award winners leverage their CODiE Award as a prestigious representation of outstanding achievement and vision.

Did You Know…

The origin of the CODiE Awards’ name alludes to the program’s basis in the software industry, in which the word “CODiE” is derived from the word “code”. The CODiE Awards logo, re-designed in 2004, combines the word “CODE” with the symbol for information (“i”) to visually represent the CODiE Awards’ focus on the software and digital content industries. 

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