Innovation Showcase 2023

For almost 20 years, SIIA has offered a platform for companies to present product efforts that improve education through the use of software, digital content and related technologies. This year we are refreshing and launching Innovation Showcase 2023 as a virtual event, with winners announced at the 2023 CODiE awards.

“Innovation Showcase offers the best of both worlds for education entrepreneurs: a chance to highlight their vision of tomorrow’s innovation and an opportunity to rub shoulders with the most influential community of practitioners from the classroom, administration and policy circles.”

– Ilya Zeldin, CEO, 2gnōme 

Innovation Showcase 2023 identifies and supports entrepreneurs in their efforts to bring innovative learning technologies to the education market. SIIA Education looks at this as our chance to give back to both the industry and the participants, who are aspiring EdTech entrepreneurs. 

Innovation Showcase 2023 goes beyond a typical accelerator or incubator boot camp for startups, and helps to establish all participants as future leaders in this market, directly connecting them to industry stalwarts, experts and decision makers with a vast array of expertise, resources, and guidance to share. 

Are you...

  • A new EdTech company that has entered the market with a new product,
  • A research and development group located in an academic or non-profit institution, or
  • An education development group funded by governmental agencies?

Why Participate?

  • One-on-one access to industry leaders for expert advice, mentorship, and unique opportunities to connect with prospective partners for growth.
  • Review of your product by industry and education leaders – providing access to prospective partners and their feedback.
  • Recognition with an industry-level award acknowledging and validating your position as an up and coming EdTech solution.
  • To take advantage of the valuable resources that come along with program participation.

What this program includes: (Total Value >$15,000)

  • Free coaching by industry mentor for 3 months (MAR-MAY 2022)
  • Direct feedback from state education agencies as you participate in an online Innovation Partner Series Webinar.
  • One (1) full annual membership to the SIIA (a $995 value) with  access to the full website of resources and all events hosted online by SIIA.
  • Exclusive student data privacy webinar by Sara Kloek, Director of Education Policy, Programs and Student Privacy
  • The Winners (Most Likely to Succeed & Most Innovative) will receive additional perks provided by SIIA members, including a FREE edWebinar from, FREE podcast w/Education Talk Radio, FREE AC&E Online Journal article, a MindshareTV Unboxing EdTech episode and banner ad, market research consultation by Interactive Educational Systems Design (IESD) and an SIIA blog post.
  • Recognition by SIIA via Press Releases and pre-marketing for the CODiE Awards
  • Use of the SIIA Innovation Showcase 2022 digital badge on your website and in marketing collateral, presentations, etc.

SIIA’s Innovation Showcase is unique in that it both employs a peer review process to identify the most innovative and most likely to succeed products, and provides one-on-one mentorship to support the growth and success of identified innovators.

To qualify, companies must have

  1. A functional website
  2. A fully reviewable, finished product
  3. A product developed in the past 3 years
  4. Total revenue <$1M/year

Your Next Steps

  1. If qualified, submit an APPLICATION by Jan 20, 2023 midnight ET.
  2. Participate in an online orientation Feb 9, 2023.
  3. Meet with an assigned Industry mentor at least once a month (Mar, Apr, May).
  4. Create a 5 minute video for the virtual pitch fest due May 5, 2023.

Thank you to our mentors!

Your time makes this program possible.

Shopping Basket

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