Winner In:
               Best Tool for Student Creation or Expression

WURRLYedu offers content and student creation tools that make music education interactive, effective, and accessible. WURRLYedu offers the largest catalog of popular music in K12 with over 5,000 songs, along with video tutorials, an intuitive design and a user-friendly experience, so it’s easy for students to get inspired, practice, record and reflect. The platform�s innovative recording studio offers real-time cloud-based audio and video recording. This allows students to select a song, change the key and speed to suit their skill and need, then record themselves, add one-touch audio and video filters to enhance their recordings, and share them with their teacher and classmates. The recording studio also offers lyrics and chords with fingering charts for Piano, Guitar and Ukulele. All student assignments are recorded to create a visual portfolio of progress and enable reflection. Students receive feedback via a-synchronous feedback loops, with assessment management tools, making it easy to provide personalized learning in an in-person, virtual or hybrid environment. Students can also browse through the class feed and collaborate with peers. WURRLYedu provides social and emotional learning tools and hundreds of lesson plans with differentiations for engaging students with multiple learning styles, Students can access WURRLYedu via the student web portal or the iOS app so learning can take place anytime, anywhere.