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Voice & Vision, the second instalment of the award-winning series, Women’s Studies Archive, looks beyond women’s suffrage to explore critical areas of study including the abolition of slavery, alcohol and temperance movements, pacifism and political activism, domestic service, education, health and hygiene, divorce and social reform, and much more. A vast range of primary sources from 1780 to 2000 span multiple geographic regions, providing an abundance of perspectives on women’s experiences and impact on society. Of particular importance are the materials that focus solely on female authors such as periodicals produced by women, not simply for women. Much of history is focused on the male perspective, leaving women’s voices unheard. Voice & Vision addresses that by providing a diverse, global perspective on women’s history, including increased representation of minorities. Primary sources concerning women from diverse backgrounds including European, African American, Indian, and Irish women as well as religious minorities such as Jewish, Muslim, and Quaker communities were specifically sought to ensure balanced coverage. An essential source for scholars of women’s history, gender studies, and social history. Included primary sources feature personal papers of influential suffrage, socialist temperance, education and trade unionist activists; magazines and journals; correspondence, diaries and journals; memorabilia and ephemera; manuscripts, printed articles, and poems.