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Legal decision makers and professionals can provide better outcomes for their clients in less time with InView. InView delivers a groundbreaking innovation to the legal profession as it facilitates and accelerates the research process, strategic decision making, case analysis and other important aspects of the profession, such as business development and administration Based on more than 250 observations of legal professionals at work, and engaging more than 800 labor law professionals in the development process, we can state with certainty that InView follows the actual law-based workflow that legal professionals use. The advantages of InView are at their fingertips without requiring in-depth training. This disruptive new solution was created by combining traditional assets, such as high quality legal content, with new drivers such as Artificial Intelligence and API’s. Delivering significant productivity gains for legal professionals, InView delivers concrete answers and actionable insights directly into the workflow, in an intuitive way. The quality and speed of research improves, leading to a better ROI. Moreover, data-driven scenarios enable legal professionals to make the best strategic choices for their clients. Pilot users have confirmed that InView can save up to 50% of legal research time and that InView helps them to identify risks and opportunities in their case strategy.