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Wiley’s mission is to help accounting and finance students succeed�wherever they are in their education or professional careers. We believe professional success starts in the classroom and that learning should be a continuous, lifelong experience and an integral part of every stage of building a career. With the Wiley’s Efficient Learning, we offer a robust Test Prep portfolio that covers finance, accounting, technology and assessment. We’ve helped over half a million learners�and growing�pass their high-stakes exams quickly. Recently, we have enhanced some of our products to include Predictive Scoring which provides a score range for each section, as well as the full exam. This enables students to save time in areas they are proficient and sharpen skills in key areas they need to pass their exam. Once they reach an acceptable range, they will have the confidence needed to pass on exam day and avoid the stress of not knowing whether they are ready yet. Score Predictor is powered by an algorithm that goes deeper than just calculating how many questions you get right and wrong. Specifically, it: 1. Tracks your performance on specific concepts (Learning Outcome Statements) and on the topics related to those concepts (prerequisites and post-requisites), and 2. Accounts for the �forgetting factor.� As we learn more and more, we always forget some of what we�ve learned. Including the �forgetting factor� calculates a more accurate prediction. Wiley also has a long tradition of leadership in business, accounting, and finance. The Wiley Finance and Accounting series, which includes classic textbooks like Kieso�s Intermediate Accounting, and a wide-ranging list of academic journals, including The Journal of Corporate Accounting and Finance, are just a few of Wiley�s major financial publications. We find the best authors and experts to build our products�educators like Jerry Weygandt, Terry Warfield, Donald Kieso, Paul Kimmel, Pam Smith, Monte Swain, Peter Olinto, John Grable, and dozens of respected leaders at the world�s biggest banks, hedge funds, and corporations. Our expert material combined with our strong technology makes for the most powerful test prep platform in the market.