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               Best Content Authoring Development or Curation Solution
uCertify CREATE is the state of the art course development platform to develop full-fledged, highly interactive and hands-on courses. Course developers have the ability to either start from the ground up or start with a textbook and deliver an interactive and hands on course that comes complete with  interactive lessons, videos, knowledge checks, hands-on labs, test prep, glossaries, flashcards, and assessments. 
Flexible import of epubs, docs, and xmls provides developers the ability to convert a textbook into a comprehensive course therefore saving significant time and effort. 
uCertify CREATE comes complete with an Item Editor to create over 40 interactive item types. Such items can be used to create Knowledge Checks, Quizzes, Test Prep and Assessments.
Authors can effortlessly publish courses for both Web and SmartPhone Apps using Apple iOS (iPhone) and Google Android without any modifications.
Since writing a course is a team work and often involves multiple authors, editors, reviewers and instructor designers, uCertify CREATE comes complete with Project Management, workflow and comprehensive feedback features. This allows team members to work asynchronously and remotely.
uCertify CREATE is especially useful for SMEs and Instructional Designers as they can easily create a todo list for the tasks to be completed. 
Courses created with uCertify CREATE are ADA compliant out of the box. A number of Diagnostic Tools ensure creation of high quality courses with minimal effort.