Winner In:
               Best Advanced Technology/ Engineering (STEM) Instructional Solution
uCertify provides highly engaging, flexible, cloud-based and device-enabled courses for technology, engineering or vocational training.
uCertify courses can be used for self-paced, mentor-guided or instructor-led training. Each student is provided with an individualized learning path. Educators can use these courses to deliver credit courses or augment their existing credit courses. Educators can customize these courses to add additional content with ease to accommodate diverse audiences and education missions.
uCertify courses engage students through interactivity, hands-on learning and instantaneous feedback.  The course navigation is driven by a dashboard that is adapted to the specific course.  Students can toggle between the various learning tools and resources and then return back to the topic at hand with one click. 
Each uCertify course comes complete with a study planner that allows students to track their progress.  In addition, a progress meter for each major activity allows the students to take corrective actions. 
uCertify works closely with a number of major publishers to source content for these courses. Administrators appreciate uCertify because of comprehensive reports on student performance, course efficacy and also for ease of  integration and administration.