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               Best Digital Process Automation Solution

Tonkean simplifies the orchestration of complex, enterprise-level business processes with an extensible no-code interface for business operations teams. Tonkean allows non-technical teams to quickly build solutions that monitor, manage & automate mission-critical business processes across systems & people without needing developers or adding new systems. Tonkean is: 1. UI & Data Agnostic. Tonkean hooks into existing systems & tools to orchestrate processes without mandating change management or introducing data silos. This provides flexibility to add custom business rules & take data from systems of record (i.e. SFDC, Workday, Jira) & deliver it to where business users actually are (i.e. Slack, MS Teams, email). 2. Keeps humans-in-the-loop. Every business process involves people. Automation is best applied by allowing people to focus on the things they do best. Leveraging AI, Tonkean can intelligently reach out to people to deliver information & chase for follow-up actions. 3. Context-aware. To streamline complex business processes end-to-end, Tonkean keeps the context of each process item across multiple people, teams, systems & decisions points to determine the necessary action to move the process forward. 4. No-code for business & Low-code for IT. Tonkean accelerates solution delivery by creating a bridge between IT & business teams. IT abstracts technical capabilities into reusable components that can be consumed by business teams to deliver end-to-end process solutions.