Winner In:
                Best Customer Training Learning Management System
Our customer training learning management system was founded and purpose-built to handle complex extended enterprise learning operations at scale to empower growth (unlike traditional LMSs). Lauded by analysts and learners for program design flexibility, security, customer-focus, and ease of use, the platform helps organizations improve their efficiency, consolidate technology, author & manage content, & grow global online learning capabilities to drive performance & success.
The platform has differentiated itself as a leader in the customer training, external training, & extended enterprise markets through blended learning experiences that accelerate time-to-value, reduce churn for software and technology clients, & increase engagement & monetization for businesses selling training content.
After naming us the #1 B2B/B2C customer training platform this year, Craig Weiss, LMS analyst, Craig Weiss Group, stated: “Thought Industries offers an outstanding system and has a deep understanding of how to achieve results for a sector that many play in, but so few really get.”
Drive engagement with personalized learning experiences, interactive courses, certifications, webinars, events, learner assessments, notifications & recommendations, communities for peer-to-peer engagement, adaptive learning paths to adapt to learners’ unique customer training needs, & gamification to incentivize.
An integrated learning stack portfolio of full lifecycle technology partners to power customer training program performance, streamline program management, optimize CX, and monetize learning with built-in commerce & CRM capabilities. 
Delivering dedicated, branded learning microsites to specific cohorts across a customer training ecosystem (clients, partners, resellers), including personalizing content and a fix once, deliver everywhere model, while ensuring a unified experience in a secure environment that drives success & ROI through our innovative multi-tenancy capability, Panorama. 
New innovations & integrations this year:
Gainsight PX integration for personalized customer training content experiences directly in-product help users learn how to be successful faster. 
Zendesk integration to display real-time completion and progress data, giving Support a deeper understanding of customers’ knowledge & progress within the learning system. 
Reporting Hub, built on Google Looker technology, provides access to out-of-the-box or customizable, real-time analytics & actionable insights on performance of the overall program against KPIs to deliver more accurate, actionable information driving faster results. 
Linked Reflections offer learners a prompted resource- worksheet, job aid, assessment – leveraged for future reference; personalized for each learner to expand & assess their knowledge. 
Adaptive Learning Paths. A major step towards competency-based learning & branching logic. Administrators guide learners through content relevant to their competency, maximize engagement and retention.