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               Best Formative Assessment Solution

ThinkUp! Standards Mastery System is an end-to-end solution that includes ThinkUp! curriculum, an instructional management platform, and our line of educator resources. This system is built on the framework of our 9 Traits of Critical Thinking which are woven into every aspect of teaching and learning to equip educators with resources that support a school-wide thinking culture and deepen student engagement with standards-aligned content. > ThinkUp! Curriculum: ThinkUp! is available for Math, ELA/R, & Science in print + digital formats and integrates critical thinking into mastery of rigorous national standards. 100% of state standards are addressed with evidence-based strategies that help teachers scaffold high-quality instruction. ThinkUp! includes Getting Started, Instruction, Assessment, Intervention, & Extension components that help teachers engage + accommodate all learners. > Instructional Management Platform: Provides districts with a comprehensive platform to support student mastery of content-specific standards with ThinkUp! curriculum and make data-informed decisions that improve teaching & learning. The platform brings together curriculum, assessment, & reporting needs; and offers the flexibility to accommodate a blended or remote learning environment. >Educator Resources: These resources support lesson planning & instruction with critical thinking prompts, and guide educators to design and execute instruction leading to student mastery of the standards.