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               Best Virtual Lab
The Practice Labs live Virtual Lab Environment (PLE) facilitates the development of hands-on real-world digital skills. It provides a safe, secure space where people can learn from their mistakes and build their confidence in utilizing 21st century workplace technologies.
The Practice Labs content library spans essential digital skills through to the more complex competencies required for fundamental IT roles.
The Practice Labs platform consists of four elements:
1. The user interface: where users can view and gain access to the PLE and their individual Practice Lab libraries.
2. The content guides: which provide step-by-step direction for users to refer to at will.
3. The live-lab environment: where users can spin-up actual hardware and software. These can range from instances of Microsoft Office programs to Cisco routing and switching environments; Linux devices, cybersecurity attack/defend hubs; or freestyle sandboxes for experimentation and testing.
4. The assessment tools: which give users the opportunity to capture and prove that they have the required knowledge, skills AND practical hands-on ability.