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                Best Emerging Technology

ShoppingGives is the turn-key social impact strategy for e-commerce brands of all sizes. Through easy to implement website integrations, its technology enables merchants to offer customers a seamless and native giving experience during their shopping journey. ShoppingGives makes launching corporate social responsibility campaigns quick and hassle-free by handling the legal and technical backend of aligning with nonprofits, eliminating brands’ need to go through protracted processes to become official partners of those organizations. ShoppingGives gives retailers the ability to engage their customers in responsive campaigns that raise funds addressing society’s most pressing needs. Brands choose from a portfolio of more than 1.5 million 501(c)(3) nonprofits to align with their give back campaigns, so consumers know their purchases support the improvements in our society they are most passionate about. Partnering with ShoppingGives creates a virtuous cycle of customer engagement for merchants. Brands using the platform have seen average order volume lifts as high as 26% when comparing donors to non-donors. In the longer term, a ShoppingGives partner also saw that multiple-time donors return to the site to make a subsequent purchase a week earlier (21% quicker) than other repeat customers. Additionally, their multiple times donors had an 18% higher lifetime value compared to other repeat customers. This means brand growth and expanded giving, the kind of socially-aligned capitalism our society needs. The technology built by ShoppingGives democratizes social impact, making giving accessible to retailers of any size. Historically, cause marketing has been limited to top retailers and nonprofits due to cumbersome legal regulations and high donation minimums. With ShoppingGives handling these logistics, any brand can easily launch cause marketing campaigns. The technology also facilitates customer engagement by allowing merchants to give their customers a selection of featured causes to choose from or even pick one out from ShoppingGives’ entire portfolio of nonprofits. This helps brands connect with their customers over shared passions for specific causes. During times like this pandemic, the ease with which merchants could pivot and promote relevant nonprofits resulted in tremendous social impact. Just in November, partners of ShoppingGives provided 51,000 meals to those with food scarcity needs; supported 5,400 children with shelter and education; distributed over 76,000 units of PPE and planted over 14,700 trees!