Winner In:
               Best Learning Management (LMS) Solution
Schoology Learning, PowerSchool’s learning management system, allows educators to deliver engaging, personalized learning experiences to their students. The platform can be accessed anywhere, anytime, so whether educators are teaching in-person, online, or both, they’re able to communicate with students and parents.
The platform combines everything needed for teaching and learning into one place – a one-stop-shop for students, parents, teachers and administrators.
In March, as schools rapidly shifted to distance learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw a significant increase in students, parents and teachers using Schoology Learning. Schoology Learning saw over one trillion student interactions, a 400% increase in usage of the platform over the largest peak at any time in the product’s 10-year history.
Schoology Learning is the leader in K-12 teaching and learning technology because we:
• Offer a scalable district-wide solution that tracks student mastery of learning objectives aligned to curriculum, promotes staff collaboration through configurable groups, allows for organization-wide communication to the home, and ensures highly customizable user roles and permissions.
• Have all the tools teachers and districts need to design lessons, assess student understanding, and deliver interactive learning experiences.
• Offer streamlined communication and collaboration, where users can collaborate, share resources, and engage in discussions outside of “scheduled” courses.