Winner In:
               Best Student Learning Capacity-Building Solution
Product Name:
Rethink Social Emotional Learning (SEL) initially launched in 2018, with an additional and enhanced Mental Health suite that launched in January 2021. The digital comprehensive platform includes a grade level K-12 curriculum, on-demand PD, assessments and data tracking.
What problem does the program solve:
SEL has been shown to be essential in addressing mental health issues in children and teens. SEL focuses on building social intelligence and helping students to better understand emotions, relationships, and their own self-care and development. This includes building empathy, accepting differences, conflict resolution, self-awareness, self-management, and social interactions. SEL challenges can lead to chronic absences, behavior problems, suspensions, lower academic achievement, and self-destructive behavior such as substance use or engaging in unhealthy or dangerous relationships. SEL is directly related to mental health and improving SEL skills can help address mental health issues.
Mental health, trauma, and equity are also targeted in the RethinkEd platform including professional development and student lessons. Mental health is a serious matter and has become a heightened concern during the challenging times that we have had to face in this past year with COVID-19, abrupt changes in schools and homes, social issues related to racism, and a financial crisis for many individuals, families, schools, and communities. 1 in 5 children in the United States exhibit symptoms of a mental health issue. The most common mental health diagnoses are depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder, although attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is the most reported diagnosis from parents. Suicide is the second leading cause of death for teenagers and is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States. Other mental health issues can occur from bullying and violence, trauma (e.g., domestic violence, abuse, death in the family, divorce, etc.), or from unhealthy relationships.
What set’s you apart/how do you excel above the competition:
RethinkEd’s SEL and Mental Health platform is a comprehensive evidence and research-based solution for building knowledge, awareness, critical skills, and protective strategies for both students and adults (educators and parents/caregivers).  The platform is available in English and Spanish, is ADA compliant, and supports integrations to student/staff information management systems (Clever, One Roster, Classlink) and popular Learning Management Systems (Canvas). The platform is device agnostic and can be implemented across physical and virtual learning environments. The content is designed to be delivered in various learning formats including Face to Face or virtual teacher led, blended learning, or student independent learning (via digital learning center and/or parent program access).
Rethink Ed’s SEL platform provides CASEL aligned curriculum for students across all grades K-12 and all learning levels. Supports for diverse learners are included in the platform to all learning for all. The platform has been designed to offer flexibility of learning based on a district needs to support instruction across multiple curriculum areas/courses. Student assessments and quizzes provide progress monitoring capabilities for both classroom teams and administrators. Robust reporting allow administrators real time updates on progress in their district or school.
RethinkEd’s Mental Health component provides professional development and student lessons to help educators address these kinds of challenges and will include modules on Anxiety, Bullying/Violence, Developing Healthy Identities, Depression, Digital Citizenship and Online Safety, Human Trafficking, Kindness to Animals, Mental Wellness, Reducing the Risk of Suicide, Substance Use Disorders, and Trauma. SEL is an effective and pro-active approach to targeting mental health concerns and teaching SEL skills has been shown to reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, substance use, and impulsive or dangerous behaviors. Improving SEL skills can also improve self-care, peer interactions, attendance, behavior, and academic performance.
Rethink Ed has introduced an engaging and scalable solution for all educators, students and families.