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               Best Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

The world of enterprise IT has seen a massive shift over the last decade as cloud computing has changed the way we work and do business. Today, microservices, application programming interfaces (APIs) and containers are the predominant approach to building, connecting and deploying applications, and Kubernetes has become the undisputed standard for managing them at scale in any environment. These technologies are core to cloud-native application development, and emerged from the need for organizations to better match the speed of the world around them. The digital experience, delivered through software, has become one of the leading factors in competitive differentiation for companies today. Being able to rapidly respond to dynamic market conditions, incorporate user feedback, or deploy new products and features is crucial to success. Integration plays a key role in enabling this agility, and has continued to evolve in ways that support faster, more responsive and more efficient application architectures. Red Hat Integration is designed to help customers meet their business needs in the best way possible, giving them the tools and capabilities to create, extend, and deploy container-based integration services across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, and ultimately connect and share data between the applications and systems required in a digital world.