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Priority Engine, the leading SaaS-based purchase intent insight platformPriority Engine™ boosts sales and marketing success by providing direct access to real active buyers at in-market the market today, provides direct, real-time access to ranked accounts & named, opt-in prospects actively researching purchases in specific technology categories. Other solutions in the market only provide account-level views, but don’t supply the contacts actually doing the research/activity. Priority Engine delivers advanced views on topical interests of buying teams, vendors under consideration & currently installed technologies at organizations. TechTarget is the only solution in the industry that supplies both account-level and prospect-level intent. With subscriptions in hundreds of technology-specific segments globally, it optimizes customer operations by integrating directly with major CRM & Marketing Automation systems. Providing organizations direct access to thousands of active accounts & buyers clients would commonly otherwise miss, Priority Engine improves outcomes for both Marketing & Sales for Demand Generation, Lead Nurturing, Account-Based Marketing (ABM), Sales Prospecting and Engagement, Channel Enablement & more. Priority Engine’s real purchase intent data platform creates actionable understanding for marketing and sales teams and advanced analytics curate the truly critical insights—real buying signals from real buyer’s journeys—for their direct use. It allows both marketers and sales to deliver true personalization to drive better conversions and more opportunities. In addition to insights for marketing & sales teams in Priority Engine, TechTarget provides additional managed advertising, lead generation & sales qualification services within the platform that allow customers to re-target, influence, engage & convert the accounts & prospects. TechTarget provides value-add customer success services for onboarding, implementation, integration & ROI consulting.
Priority Engine™ boosts sales and marketing success by providing direct access to real active buyers at in-market accounts.
Priority Engine helps technology organizations:
Generate bigger deals in half the time – Focus sales and marketing efforts on the hottest accounts and most active prospects in their market segment. Automatically prioritizes, ranks and scores them based on their recent and relevant research behavior.
Run ABM programs that accelerate sales – Target accounts with an immediate need for a company’s specific solutions. Engage the actual buying team with content and advertising tailored to their individual interests and actions.
Execute outbound sales and marketing that secures meetings – Add thousands of active, opt-in contacts to nurture streams and sales cadences. Generate high-quality leads who are more likely to become opportunities.
Deliver meetings that convert to pipeline – Sales can access Prospect-Level Intent insights, entry points, and icebreakers in the tool and right in Salesforce to have more meaningful conversations that become deals.
TechTarget has cemented its leadership in its space because of the significant value and ROI its customers achieve. TechTarget purchase intent insight is uniquely powerful because of how it is made and how it is delivered to B2B tech marketers and sales professionals. The actionable insights within the Priority Engine platform are achievable because of the depth of original decision-support content spanning 10,000 unique IT topics across TechTarget’s network of over 140 enterprise technology-specific websites as well as its suite of marketing and sales engagement services. Recent acquisitions of Data Science Central, BrightTALK and Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) – all top companies in their respective categories – are helping TechTarget expand its opt-in audiences, services and significantly bolster its already-leading purchase intent data.