Winner In:
               Best Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Omeda’s CDP provides an all-in-one data and marketing technology solution purpose-built for professional content creators. Omeda’s CDP provides a data management platform that combines disparate data silos from online and offline sources to provide a 360 degree, single view of their customer in a fully managed and governed database. By combining contact, product, demographic, behavioral, and contextual data points into a single record – Omeda’s clients can create actionable segments that connect to a variety of activation channels including email, social, display, and on-site targeting. Omeda’s CDP uses a unique, persistent customer ID that combines products and behaviors as well as multiple email addresses, mailing addresses, and browser cookies into a single ID. As the third-party cookie landscape evolves and companies embrace owning their first-party data, these rich behavioral profiles connected to various activation channels is a unique and powerful asset. Omeda’s marketing automation canvas provides a sophisticated orchestration tool to build multi-channel efforts through email, content metering, and on-site targeting as well as through third-party integrations including Facebook, AdRoll, and Google Ad Manager. Omeda’s CDP provides a powerful, all-in-one solution built to drive audience engagement, convert subscriptions, and convert known website users. By simplifying the MarTech stack, Omeda’s clients are best equipped to grow and monetize their audience.