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               Best Platform as a Service

Platforms are taking over; the most valuable companies are now based on a platform business model. Many non-tech companies are seeking to pivot to platforms, but often lack the engineering, product, and process know-how to enable this transformation. Building a robust, reusable and scalable platform requires talent with deep expertise in multiple highly specialized areas, like testing, SRE, and DevOps. Most non-tech companies don�t have these resources on staff already, and hiring and onboarding these employees can take months. To solve this problem, Accenture developed myProductPlatform, a turn-key, cloud native solution for complex cloud-based applications. myProductPlatform quickly stands up a true platform architecture to accelerate engineering ramp-up, optimize productivity, and deliver a scalable and robust set of services. It provides the ability to easily provision cloud-native platforms via reliable, scalable, configurable architectural templates based on use-case or industry, using a set of modular components, tied together as a platform blueprint. These platform blueprints can be provisioned to any of the major cloud providers (AWS, Azure, and GCP) in a matter of minutes using a simple web interface. The underlying components provide cloud resources with appropriate instance sizing (per environment type), high availability, backup and retention policies, failover capability, monitoring and alerting, traceability, centralized logging, and more. Security policy analysis is included to ensure compliance with cloud security guidelines. myProductPlatform enables companies to focus their effort and investment on their core business, rather than having to spend time and energy dealing with technical plumbing and generic architecture concerns. It allows companies to pivot to cloud-based platform architectures faster, reducing time-to-market. It also reduces the need to hire and onboard expensive and hard-to-find engineering talent. Because it is based on Accenture�s best practices and learnings from work at various client environments, myProductPlatform provides an immediate maturity boost to a company�s architecture. myProductPlatform also promotes ongoing efficiencies, by starting the system with zero technical debt.