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                 Best Project Management Solution

Moovila is a first-of-its-kind technology that allows organizations to autonomously identify, remediate, and monitor work and project risks. The most intelligent upgrade to project management technology in over 100 years, Moovila provides real-time monitoring of 20 potential risk factors (including hidden resource interdependencies). It�s like having a team of analysts instantly and flawlessly re-interrogate every line, in every project, across a company�s entire portfolio, after every change. Companies use Moovila�s scoring and resulting visualizations to ensure critical operations happen with accuracy, predictability, and consistency�no matter who is running the project. Some of Moovila�s more notable features include: � Project Integrity Index Score (mPIX): Our objective, best-practices based risk scoring tool that assesses projects for hidden risks. � Project Debugger: The world�s first project debugger provides users of any level a clear, actionable visualization of a project�s structural flaws, giving them insight into potential future bottlenecks. � Critical path visualization: Moovila provides clear, accurate, at-a-glance insight into a project�s status based on dependencies, making the path to the expected delivery date more obvious and actionable than a Gantt chart can. � Carmen: An AI-project coach and analyst, Carmen, guides the user through issue remediation, offering real-time micro-learning at each step.