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               Best Customer Success Management Solution
Medallia Strikedeck enables businesses to measure, manage, and monetize the customer experience they deliver. It starts by creating a 360-degree view of the customer by seamlessly weaving together customer data from a multitude of sources � CRM, Marketing Automation, Finance, Billing, Contracts, Support, and Product Usage. Its intelligent algorithms glean valuable insights from the data and present them to users in intuitive dashboards that are not only easy to use but also focus the user�s attention on tasks that matter most. Medallia Strikedeck empowers Customer Success teams to transform their customer communications with out of the box playbooks and workflows for common events in the customer lifecycle. It enables users to segment customers and deliver service that is appropriate to the needs of each segment. Teams are enabled to provide an appropriate level of hand-holding as customers traverse each phase of the customer lifecycle � from initial onboarding to stabilization, all the way to expansion. Medallia Strikedeck equips CS teams with the right tools to scale their customer base by intelligent automation of responses to common events. It works silently in the background, automatically responding to triggers while alerting CS professionals to the events that need their attention. This means that the Customer Success team can focus on delivering the best experience to customers, instead of wasting their time on mundane and repetitive tasks.