Winner In:
               Best Collaborative Learning Solution for Students
Cobbling different EdTech together isn’t the answer to achieving better outcomes. SMART Learning Suite is the all-in-one education software that empowers teachers, sparks student engagement, and elevates outcomes. SMART Learning Suite is web-based software that supports active learning in blended classrooms by letting teachers easily turn static PDFs, Google Slides, and Microsoft files into interactive lessons. Static content comes to life as teachers add images, text, embedded video, customizable games, ready-made content, instructional audio, and more. Students engage with activities on their devices, in class or from home, working synchronously or at their own pace. Teachers can change delivery modes anytime during the lesson with the push of a button. Learning is made visible from anywhere, as teachers get instant insight into each student’s progress and provide ongoing guidance with easy formative assessment tools. Students collaborate authentically in shared digital workspaces where everyone can contribute content simultaneously, while teachers see not only the group’s work, but also what each individual contributed.