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               Best Remote Working Solution

The transition to remote work highlighted an urgent need for solutions to enhance collaboration and creativity. The teams at Lucid, the leading provider of visual collaboration software, undertook the task of building and launching a digital whiteboard solution to empower remote workers with the visual collaboration solutions that could seamlessly move teams from ideation into action. The end result was Lucidspark, the cloud-based virtual whiteboard where teams can work together creatively in real time regardless of physical location. The intuitive digital canvas allows teams to more effectively brainstorm, collaborate, align on new ideas, and organize collective thinking into actionable next steps. Because Lucidspark was built by entirely remote teams, this virtual whiteboard is tailored to meet the needs of today’s distributed workforce. Teams can share ideas on an infinite canvas that maximizes creativity through freehand drawing, shapes and quick sticky creation. This real-time collaboration is further enhanced by enabling immediate feedback through emoji reactions and voting sessions, helping teams more quickly gain consensus on priorities. Features like a timer and note panel can help facilitate innovation as managers can set the context for any kind of collaborative meeting, from strategic planning to large-scale scrum planning. Every team member is able to have their voice heard, and individual contributions are tracked through collaborator colors. Keywords and tagging make it possible to automatically sort, gather and synthesize ideas into action plans. The board can be used asynchronously to communicate session results and actionable insights to key stakeholders for approvals and buy-in. Lucidspark is based on the same reliable, secure collaboration software that has powered Lucidchart for more than ten years, keeping your ideas safe and accessible. Lucidspark can easily be implemented by adding the solution to a company’s tech stack, and team members can quickly join a board through a single invite link. Lucidspark works seamlessly with Lucidchart, allowing users to easily move ideation sessions into existing infrastructure maps or process flows. Lucidspark also provides integrations with Slack and Google Drive, and additional integrations are coming to continue to support remote teams within their existing workflows. Users are already making Lucidspark a key part of strategic planning, product roadmap development and driving innovation across their teams due to its reliability and scalability for the needs of individual teams. For example, Trapeze Group uses Lucidspark to support project planning sessions. The transparency with all involved parties allows teams to move forward without duplicating or missing action items, minimizing bottlenecks and decreasing time to decision making.