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               Best Identity & Access Management (IAM) Solution

LastPass Business is a next-generation identity platform that combines enterprise password management (EPM) and single sign-on (SSO) functionality with adaptive multi-factor authentication (MFA) in one solution that enables businesses of all sizes to gain unified visibility and control, mitigate risk and reduce costs, all while offering employees a seamless login experience that’s effortless to adopt. The solution secures every point of access through a single sign-on portal of over 1,200 pre-integrated applications coupled with the industry-leading enterprise password manager to centrally manage access for every application in use. LastPass Multifactor Authentication adds additional layers of security and control through the combination of biometric authentication with contextual factors, such as geofencing, IP address and device-based controls, to ensure only the right employees are gaining access across all cloud apps, legacy apps and VPN. LastPass Business offers a variety of integrations, federated identity including Microsoft AD, Azure AD, Okta, OneLogin, and custom APIs which allow IT to get up and running quickly while working with existing IT infrastructures for integrated identity management. With a centralized dashboard, IT teams can automatically provision and deprovision users, deploy authentication methods, set up monitoring and alerts, and manage policies to eliminate manual tasks and better manage identity to simplify user access and authentication across an organization, all without professional services or deployment costs. Additionally, LastPass Business offers over 100 security policies that can be customized down to the user or application level for granular control.