Judges Testimonial

As a first-year participant, I can honestly say that the CODiE judging process was extremely well organized and user friendly. I am flattered to have been included and loved seeing demonstrations of software products from companies wanting to make a difference in the lives of our students.

Diana M McGhee

CIO for the Fort Thomas Independent Schools
By serving as a judge, I feel that I am helping the publishers understand the various needs of students and teachers in typical classrooms.

Kathy Smith

Science and Technology Teacher, School District of Philadelphia
It is thrilling to have the opportunity to view, first-hand, the most valuable resources available. I am experiencing the best that technology has to offer!

Barbara Kurtz

Barbara Kurtz Meadville Area Senior High School
Judging the Best CDP category gave me a chance to exchange knowledge with organizations who are tenaciously improving their products. Participating was a fantastic way to diversify and advance my expertise in MarTech.

Joshua Lee Storch

Sr Director, Email & Data Operations, Haymarket Media
Great people and Innovative products. It is an honor to be a jury member of SIIA CODiE Awards.

Satish Kumar Boguda

Software Engineer, Applexus Technologies
Judging is a great opportunity to see through fresh eyes both what is happening in the market and how buyers are being escorted though the vast marketplace.

Annette Grotz

Glad to have judged excellent products that will define the future. SIIA CODiE is a very well-organized program and a great way for us to give back to community and recognize the potential of innovative products.

Sachin Shukla

It's always an exhilarating experience to judge innovative nominees at SIIA's CODiE awards - even from a European perspective.

Harry Strasser

Executive Partner for Innovation & Transformation
Being a CODiE Judge gives you an opportunity to talk with people in the companies who otherwise you might not have the opportunity to meet. You can ask questions and share ideas with people who can help you really learn the products or they can make adjustments to the products per your recommendation. I have had presenters say that they really like my idea or my question pushes them to think about their product a little bit differently.

Sonja Abdelgawad

Belton School District, Belton, MO
Judging for CODiE gave me a sneak peek at technology I would not have a chance to witness otherwise. And there is a hope that my comment will impact the product evolution.

Konstantin Rychkov

research manager, IDC
A CODiE Awards Judge not only gets a chance to interact with new and leading-edge vendors, but they get to influence their industry segment in a very real way!

David Coleman

Managing Director Collaborative Strategies, Inc.
I enjoy being a CODiE judge because it keeps me current in new solutions, tools and products that are in the field. This process allows me access to resources that I might not hear of otherwise. Over the years I have enjoyed seeing the progress that is being made in the industry, and how nominees are becoming responsive to our suggestions and input.

Dr. Elizabeth Freeman

CUSD 300
My Experience as a CODiE Judge has allowed me to grow in my field and gain knowledge that I can apply in my job and share with others who have similar interests.

Miriam Maske

New Mexico State University
Judging the CODiES provides a great opportunity to see how content and technology providers are leveraging emerging technologies to solve b2b customer problems. And it's a great chance for us to give back to the industry.

Barry Graubart

Head of Product, Agolo
It's great to see all the exciting things that are happening in the field. I've judged in several categories and it is also interesting to see the breadth of innovation.

Chris Johnson

University of Arizona
Being a CODiE judge gave me the opportunity to see new and exciting products that are entering the market and how they plan to address gaps in the existing market sphere.

Lucie Martineau

Showbie Inc.
Being a CODiE judge was an excellent opportunity to both give back to the software community and learn about amazing new products that people and companies are creating.

Ross Dickie

President & COO, Human eSources
Judging the CODiE Awards is a great way to discover new products and services relevant to your career. It's exciting to get an inside look into what's new and what's next, and provide feedback that may take the brand to a whole new level. Overall it's a rewarding and eye-opening experience!

Brittany Bucceroni

Director of Marketing, BizBash
I love being a part of the CODiE Awards community! Every year I am impressed and inspired by the high-quality entrants and the thoughtful and innovative solutions put forward.

Adrian Davis

President, Whetstone Inc.