Winner In:
               Best Advanced Mathematics Instructional Solution

               Best Foundational English Language Arts Instructional Solution

IXL is a personalized learning platform proven to enhance outcomes for pre-K through 12th grade students anywhere education takes place. Trusted by educators in 95 of the 100 top school districts and used by over 11 million students, IXL builds strong, confident learners. In fact, studies in 24 states show that IXL schools outperform non-IXL schools, ranking as much as 17 percentile points higher on state assessments. With a comprehensive curriculum of over 8,500 skills covering five subjects, and fully aligned to all state standards and over 40 popular textbook series, IXL can support nearly any lesson. Each IXL skill automatically adapts to learners, supporting and challenging them as they progress so they can build mastery at their own pace. IXL’s adaptive assessment tool, the Real-Time Diagnostic, evaluates students across every concept in IXL’s K-12 curriculum, providing an accurate portrait of students’ knowledge levels in math and language arts. This helps teachers understand exactly what students know and precisely what to do next to help them improve, aiding the fight against learning loss stemming from COVID-related school closures. IXL Analytics provides easy-to-use reports that give real-time insight into student progress and help teachers make better instructional decisions in the classroom. In addition, IXL’s at-home learning capabilities give students the flexibility to learn and educators the tools to instruct from a distance.