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InsightEdge Smart ODS drives digital transformation by seamlessly aggregating and processing data in real-time from multiple on-premise and cloud- databases, and streaming data sources; delivering unparalleled response times at any load and at high concurrency. Executing data transactions and analytics 30X faster than NoSQL and 6X faster than other in-memory platforms, InsightEdge runs complex algorithms in minutes instead of hours for investment banking, on-line price comparisons, online banking services, and more. In addition to improving the user experience, and confirming compliance, the InsightEdge Smart ODS is deployed at global enterprises to: • Accelerate go to market for new applications • Enable the shift to online real-time digital services • Streamline application migration to the cloud • Modernize and offload legacy systems (Mainframe, AS/400) The cloud-native, microservices platform has a unified API layer that is decoupled from the backend systems, enabling enterprises to rapidly introduce new low-latency, always-on services at scale, across on-premise, hybrid, cloud, and multi-cloud environments.