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Imagine math fluency instruction that’s fun and effective. Imagine Math Facts� game-based software offers teachers an effective way to teach math facts intensely. Solve the math fluency puzzle and build a critical pre-algebra foundation! According to the National Mathematics Advisory Board, math fluency is the number one critical foundation of algebra and more complex mathematical concepts. Imagine Math Facts teaches students math facts through a series of powerful, engaging multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction gaming activities�helping each child quickly gain automaticity and math fact fluency along with a new interest in math. Imagine Math Facts: � Lays the foundation for higher-order thinking � Builds confidence and pre-algebra readiness � Encourages an attitude of success � Bolsters early problem-solving skills Engaged students are students who learn! Imagine Math Facts engages intensely through gaming elements that help students achieve math fluency more quickly and retain that fluency using: � Visually compelling graphics � Imaginative characters � Built-in challenges and rewards