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               Best Payments Solution

Galileo Instant is a frictionless solution for gig-economy, marketplace, ecommerce, fintech and other businesses that need the speed and convenience of creating debit cards through a single point of contact. In June 2020, Galileo launched Galileo Instant, a platform enabling qualified businesses to launch debit card programs as quickly as 14 days, with key requirements for card issuing fully baked-in�including the payment network; sponsor bank; card design, manufacture and fulfillment; and other third-party support. The Instant solution is particularly useful for U.S. businesses and entrepreneurs paying 1099 workers, contractors and even employees. By working with banks to standardize the debit card issuing process, Instant reduces the cost of entry and time to market compared to traditional solutions. This makes it fast and affordable for businesses that need a card and digital banking solution�but don�t want to be in the payment business�to have one. The implementation process begins with the Instant Dashboard, a portal businesses use to find everything they need to launch and scale their debit card program. Through the Dashboard, businesses can also access Instant�s robust API to create their own custom mobile interface. Just prior to its full launch in June, Instant had a waiting list of over 100 businesses. Today, Instant has over 1,500 initial business enrollments and counting.