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               Best Content Management Platform
As the world’s leading expertise marketing platform, ExpertFile is changing the way organizations position their in-house expertise with  key audiences like journalists, media outlets, customers, partners and donors. Our trusted SaaS content marketing solution and expert search engine helps our clients promote  their expertise online and easily maintain their solutions long-term. 
Our unique platform helps prominent organizations around the world such as IDC, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, Christiana Care and Vanderbilt University boost reputation, relationships and  revenue.  
With the ExpertFile Platform, organizations can easily create and publish a wide range of branded expert content for use in newsrooms, “about us” pages, on homepages, and other featured content areas of their website.  We extend their reach through discovery on the experts search engine which features leading authorities on over 40,000 topics.  In addition to boosting organic SEO for our clients, we further drive visibility  with our exclusive integration into the Associated Press’ “Newsroom” application – the leading industry software platform used by thousands of journalists to reach over 15,000 newsrooms worldwide.
The ExpertFile Platform allows organizations to deliver a branded experience to their audiences for their expert content – from the layout and design right down to the specific features they need to showcase their experts. Types of expert content include:
Enhanced Expert Profiles
SEO optimized profiles that best position an individual’s expertise to key audiences including with video and publications embedded directly from YouTube™, Amazon™ Books & more.
Dynamic content posts for press releases, announcements and emerging news – complete with video integration and social sharing connected to your experts.
ExpertAnswers (NEW)
Expert curated Q&A to build relevance with audiences by answering those questions most important to their industry.
Expert Directories
Fully facetted search capabilities (powered by Elastic-Search) for quick discovery and evaluation.
ExpertFile makes management of these different types of expert content easy.  Our “Centralized Platform” empowers organizations to aggregate these important  assets, manage their content, and collaborate with their colleagues – all in one central location.   Our “Workflow Management” capabilities including alerts for time-sensitive requests, ensures they never miss an opportunity.  Our ExpertFile “Dashboard and Reporting“ helps organizations quickly gauge the effectiveness of content and track which assets are driving conversations with audiences.
Finally, we make it easy for marketers to add these assets to their website through our “Design Lab” embed builder, a templated system that creates custom integrations using embeds – with no coding experience required.  For complete customization, the ExpertFile API provides full control over how and where you display your expert content and allows you to easily connect with existing tools in your marketing stacks such as your CRM or CMS.