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               Best Professional Learning Solution for Educators

ELTeach is a mobile-friendly, online program designed to help ministries of education and local education authorities train large numbers of teachers to teach their English curriculum in English. It features two online courses with learning and practice materials: English-for-Teaching and Professional Knowledge for ELT. English-for-Teaching develops practical classroom language and instructional routines. The enhanced 3.0 course provides a flexible learning option with the new print Handbook. This English-for-Teaching Handbook is a print version of the online course and provides Research Briefs that ground the content in global standards. The Handbook is a practical reference tool supports teachers during their ELTeach coursework and throughout their professional careers. Professional Knowledge for ELT is an online course featuring learning materials and practice that present essential methods of English language teaching. Login Credentials: Username: codie_elteach Password: Codie@2020 � Online and mobile-friendly � Offline access for learning and practice for English-for-Teaching through the English-for-Teaching Handbook � Online course contents: o Animated instruction and interactive practice o A clear navigational path of learning for English-for-Teaching: Preview, Learn, Practice, Reflect o An eBook version of the English-for-Teaching Handbook in the English-for-Teaching Online course � A shared Gradebook between teachers and their teacher-tr