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                Best Coding & Computational Thinking Solution

CoderZ is a powerful, self-paced virtual learning platform that designed to teach students valuable principles of coding, robotics and computational skills through the engaging and challenging context of robotics. As a cloud-based robotics and computer science program, CoderZ delivers four engaging courses for school and districts to choose from – each uniquely designed to ignite students’ passion for STEM concepts and provide authentic learning opportunities to increase interest and engagement. Teachers, no matter their expertise, report ease-of use with an intuitive web-based platform and content framework complete with training resources that includes lessons that are aligned with CSTA and NGSS standards, along with dozens of courses, tutorials, challenges’, and webinars to support professional development. The class management feature provides statistics per student and per class to see how students are progressing. CoderZ was selected as an ‘Education Solutions: Greatest Growth Potential Awardee’ recognizing the depth and scope of this computational skills program. And it’s not just us touting the strength of this program, in 2017, a colleague brought us CoderZ and said, “You really need to see this. We logged in, played around with the platform, and really liked it. It helped build out our STEM program and gave students hands-on experience with robotics, coding, and computing – Nikki Meador is College, Career, & Equity Unit, CTE Project Facilitator for Clark County.”