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               Best Social Sciences/Studies Instructional Solution

Britannica LaunchPacks: Social Studies transforms the way teachers deliver K–12 curriculum and the way students engage with and master core concepts. LaunchPacks: Social Studies empowers blended learning, personalized support for every learner, and student-led inquiry. LaunchPacks: Social Studies integrates SEL into curriculum-relevant lessons and allows students to build critical skills while educators effectively teach subject-area content in social studies. Britannica LaunchPacks: Social Studies provides over 2,000 expertly curated bundles of Britannica informational text and multimedia assets focused around thematic units covered in the K–12 social studies curricula. Ready-to-use content sets (Packs) allow educators to easily differentiate instruction for all students through multilevel articles, and reading support tools such as double-click dictionaries and article translations available in a variety languages. LaunchPacks: Social Studies is integrated with Kahoot!, the popular learning games and trivia quizzes platform, making learning more fun and engaging. Newly added in 2020, Britannica created Fighting for Equality: African American Experiences to support schools with diversity, equity, and inclusion. The 20 new inclusive LaunchPacks multimedia content sets provide educators with diversity and inclusive U.S. history curriculum and resources to explore under-told history. Discussion questions in each Pack help students make deeper connections to systemic issues and build empathy and awareness.