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               Best Emerging Instructional Technology Solution

Imagine a middle school math class where students knew their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts with accuracy and fluency, where teachers could free teaching time for deeper learning and higher order thinking, where educators could assess student fluency by close monitoring. BlueStreak Math is the solution changing the landscape of teaching, learning and assessing mathematics. Groundbreaking by combining, real-time multi-player gaming with integrated, personalized data-driven learning, BlueStreak produces increased student achievement. Challenging standards- aligned sprints support the foundational skills that are critical for higher-level mathematics. BlueStreak’s blended instruction of math skills and concepts, using the new science of building student expertise, optimizes practice routines with deliberate and engineered practice. Allowing for frequent, brief iterations of edugaming while the students are learning. Ongoing assessments allow for continuous data cycles with weekly email reports to shareholders. Students find that BlueStreak is as engaging as their games at home. The engineered games make math a critical objective on the path to the game objective. Our multiplayer platform of obstacles and objectives involves students in a safe, social-emotional environment taking BlueStreak to heights above and beyond all others. Experience BlueStreak in English or Spanish with school and home access via the Internet or the iOS, Android or Windows App.