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For nearly a decade, Boardroom Insiders has been delivering the most in-depth executive and C-Level insight on the market through its database of senior executive profiles. With our new BI PRO executive engagement platform, customers can now get that insight PLUS instant access to customized analysis across defined groups of accounts or executives. The SaaS-based BI PRO platform gives customers the power to generate an unlimited number of deliverables that, until now, have taken agencies or internal teams weeks or months of work and cost tens of thousands of dollars per deliverable. The BI PRO platform includes: – An advanced Relationship Mapping tool that shows connections between executives in seconds – An Audience Analysis dashboard with an aggregate view of your executive audience, including common hobbies, interests, and more – A Business Priorities dashboard that shows trending business priorities across your target audience – A Common Threads dashboard that reveals the most common employers, boards, alma maters and interests across a group of executives Boardroom Insiders designed and built BI PRO in response to a growing number of customer requests for customized analysis of the executives at their most important accounts for the purposes of supporting Enterprise Sales, Account Based Marketing (ABM) and Executive Engagement Programs. “Our customers wanted contextually rich relationship maps that made it easy to see, for example, which customer executives went to the same university as their CEO; which ones served in the military; which ones like tennis, and so on,” says company co-founder Sharon Gillenwater. “They also wanted the ability to map their own executive team to the executive teams at all of their key accounts. BI PRO does all of this and more — and it does it with just a few clicks.” “BI Pro is a compelling addition to the Boardroom Insiders offering,” says Dorothea Gosling, Director, Global Marketing Programs, Pursuits and ABM at DXC Technology. “The relationship mapping tool solves the challenge of how to uncover actionable connections between executives in an elegant way. I can see this as an invaluable addition to the ABM toolscape.”