Winner In:
              Best Emerging Education Technology Solution for Administrators

Ask2Learn is the Teacher Growth Platform. Ask2learn captures teacher audio and analyzes the lesson to provide educators with objective feedback on every lesson every day. Ask2Learn uses speech recognition and artificial intelligence to automate the analysis process. This enables Ask2Learn to deliver observations and actionable feedback at scale rather than the once-per-semester observation most teachers get today. Administrators play a vital role in supporting teachers in their schools. They are expected to regularly provide the feedback, tools, and mentorship that teachers need to grow. Because conducting teacher observations is time consuming and expensive teachers only get feedback a couple of times per year. This means administrators have a limited view into how instruction is actually being delivered and where teachers need help to improve. As a consequence, administrators cannot provide the personalized mentorship and coaching that teachers need, and instruction suffers. Ask2Learn solves this challenge by providing actionable feedback for every teacher, for every lesson, every day. The result is teachers receive actionable feedback for self-reflection and growth and administrators have the data they need to support growth across the entire faculty. Using Ask2Learn data, administrators can now work with teachers and coaches to develop customized plans to support teacher growth based on each teacher’s needs.