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                Best Artificial Intelligence-Enabled Content Solution
According to the World Health Organization, 1 in 8 people in the world have some kind of vision impairment. Also, 91% of the documents available online are inaccessible and cannot be fully interpreted by such users. Accessibility is at the heart of inclusivity and truly accessible content enables everyone, regardless of disability or special needs, to engage with that content. But much of the accessibility services being provided today require end users to utilize assistive technology to access content. And if the documents lack appropriate contextual information such as reading order, alternative descriptions, logical structure, then those documents cannot be made truly accessible. This puts the agency that invested in accessibility services at risk because of its content not being compliant with the region’s digital accessibility requirements. accessibilityInsight™, codemantra’s ADA 508 digital document compliance platform, was developed to address these issues by leveraging AI to efficiently remediate digital documents so everyone around the world who has access to the internet, can read and consume digital documents. The platform accurately predicts document structure and automates the workflow necessary to deliver a 100% compliant output that affords senior citizens, veterans, and people with disabilities equal access to information.