The winners have been announced, making this the perfect moment for celebration! Thank you to all the finalists, judges, and our sponsors for making the 2024 CODiE Awards an incredible event.

2024 CODiE Awards Call for Judges!


Step into the time machine of innovation! Since 1986, the SIIA CODiE Awards have been the tech universe's ultimate celebration of genius. From software sorcery to educational epiphanies, we've hailed the champions of excellence, turning dreams into pixels and visions into code. With expert judges dissecting nominations like mad scientists, and industry leaders giving the nod of approval, a CODiE Award is the golden ticket to validation. We're the pioneers, the trendsetters, the honor-bestowers, ensuring the brightest stars of tech earn their place in history.

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Be a Neal Awards Judge

We are looking for senior-level editors, as well as art and design professionals to volunteer with Stage 1 judging.  Please note that judges are also eligible to submit entries.

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