Best Software Product
Windows, Microsoft Corporation

Best Business Product
Excel, Microsoft Corporation

Best Learning Product
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, Brøderbund Software, Inc.

Best Creativity Product
Deluxe Paint, Electronic Arts Newsroom, Springboard Software

Best Simulation Product
Jet, Sublogic

Best Entertainment Product
Déjà vu, Mindscape

Best New Use of a Computer
PageMaker, Aldus Corporation

Best New World
Déjà vu, Mindscape

Best Adaptation From Another Medium
The New Electronic Encyclopedia, Grolier

Best Sound (Effects, Music)
Deluxe Music Construction Set (Macintosh), Electronic Arts

Best User Interface
Windows (IBM), Microsoft Corporation

Best Adaptation to a New Computer Format
One-on-One (Amiga), Electronic Arts

Best Graphics Program
Deluxe Paint (Amiga), Electronic Arts

Best Technical Achievement
Windows (IBM), Microsoft Corporation

Best Software Packaging
Jazz, Lotus Development Corporation