The reviews are in for SIPA’s Marketing Conference - Putting it All Together. Here is what some attendees are saying...

"The roundtables, networking and idea sharing were all really valuable. I came away with several good, practical ideas I'm planning to use right away."

--Aaron Steinberg, Publisher, UCG

"I have three typed pages of action ideas and notes from this terrific conference. SIPA conferences always help me grow my businesses and I'm already realizing growth from this conference."

--Murray Bradford, Publisher, Bradford and Co. Publishing

"This was my first time attending and it was very well run with a good mix of sessions and speakers. I appreciated the relaxed yet professional atmosphere and came away with several ideas I plan to implement."

--Jennifer Roberts, Marketing Director, Aviation Week



Fri, 16 May 2014 22:51
Most publishing, media and information organisations often struggle to truly understand who their best prospects and customers are. Most choose the proxy of “my best customers are the ones who currently pay me the most” or “I’m targeting the top x number of FTSE blue chip companies”. Focusing efforts on the quality of customers targeted rather […]

Fri, 31 Jan 2014 20:45
SIPA: What is the history of QCSS/Greene? CATHERINE: My partners and I have owned QCSS since 1991. We had been local competitors with Greene for many years and in April 2012 we decided to acquire them. That brought together two of the brightest telemarketing groups. My daughter Christina (pictured with me) works with us as […]

Thu, 23 Jan 2014 15:04
In a session at SIPA’s Marketing Conference in Las Vegas last month, Joseph Coleman of The Coleman Report said that when he and his father, company president Bob Coleman, decided 18 months or so ago to dive into video, they built a “studio in our little office, bought lights, bought a backdrop,” and a webcam. […]

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