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Piracy Wall of Shame

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Each person below was sued for selling software or content products without authorization. In addition to paying a substantial fine and other penalties, they were required to write a letter describing the impact their decision to pirate has had on their lives.

Jennifer Suennen

"So if you think that you're going to make some fast cash on what seems like Adobe Software, I wouldn't risk everything you now have or may have in the future, because you will get caught and can owe up to $2 million!"

Johnny Baker

jbaker-photo "Unfortunately, the same principles that apply in the traffic courts apply here…ignorance of the law is no excuse. I was sued and had to pay. It was very painful for me and my family as well."

Gracie M. Truesdell

truesdell-web "You will be served by your local law enforcement office and if you live in a small community, everyone will know what you did and even if you thought the items were real, nobody will know that."

Carlos Ocampo

silhouette-man"I realize that what I did was wrong, particularly for a medical professional who has been blessed with the opportunity and skills to use my training for a greater good."

Kim Baker

"This lawsuit has been very embarrassing and emotionally troubling for me, as well as for my family members, and especially my elderly mother, whose eBay account I used to sell the products."

Paul A. Ressler

silhouette-man"I represent musicians in my profession and take the privacy of their creative efforts very seriously and yet I failed to protect Adobe from a similar theft of assets."

Mitchell Reynolds

reynolds-web"One day out of the blue, I got a visit from a sheriff with a summons in a civil case "Adobe Systems Incorporated vs. Mitchell Reynolds and Does 1-10, inclusive." I was mad, hurt, sick to my stomach, but I knew I was in the wrong."

Charles Michael

chiali-web"I innocently purchased software from someone who I thought [was] reputable. They were not. I was taken advantage of and now I am paying a very heavy price."

Trisha Carter

carter-web"Should you be in a position where it seems "too good to be true," I urge you to log on to the SIIA website and check it out..."

La'Kieta Prosper

prosper-web"I lost a chance at being hired because the company happened to Google my name and read that I am being sued along with about 7 others by Adobe for selling pirated Adobe software on iOffer and Amazon..."

Pragash Loganathan

silhouette-man"In the field of medicine, where members must always follow a high ethical code of conduct and maintain their integrity, it was wrong of me to break the law both as a student and a doctor."

Nathanael Landsteiner and Jamie Winegard

one-photo"We ended up losing our start up money, our good reputation, our ability to sell on eBay and a lot of cash due to a copyright and trademark infringement lawsuit."

William Gaboriault

William Gaboriault"Make sure you look at obvious facts. If something costs close to $1,000 and you can get it for $10 elsewhere, there is probably something wrong with it."

Kaliopi Petropoulos

silhouette-man"Not only has this lawsuit completely wiped out my source of extra income, but other people and businesses such as Apple Hellas have also been negatively affected."