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SIIA Previews

Congratulations RapidBuyr on Winning the Most Likely to Succeed Award! 

This year, the SIIA Information Industry Summit audience was asked to vote for the Preview company best poised for success. The "Most Likely to Succeed" award went to RapidBuyr and was presented during the CODiE Awards Dinner.

About Previews

Previews connects fresh, innovative, companies to potential investors and channel partners. This years Previews companies are:

Confab Circuit  - Confab Circuit is a social platform for locating business conferences, learning about their content, and linking to professionals with shared interests. Community members post multimedia content and follow individual sessions, indexed events, and industry categories. Confab Circuit enables professionals to virtually attend any conference. 

Panjiva  - Panjiva is an intelligence platform for global trade that provides information on suppliers/manufacturers from 190 countries constituting the U.S. supply base. The system organizes millions of data points about thousands of companies weekly to provide customs data, extract information, combine data sets, identify patterns in the data sets and present data-driven insight in unique, user-friendly ways.

RapidBuyr  - Delivers the largest B2B Private Sale/Daily Deal site. Deals include hardware, software, subscriptions, SAAS apps, mobile, and general merchandise. Rapidbuyr works with Working with B2B media companies by both selling large amounts of subscription products on their behalf, and by helping B2B companies monetize their users by embedding Rapidbuyr.com daily deal widget on their site.

REonomy  - REonomy is developing a platform to derive actionable investment data, analytics, and insight for asset classes without available performance and market data. We are radically advancing the ability of brokers, institutional investors, investment banks, lenders, bond traders, and insurers to evaluate and invest in, lend to, or trade any property, debt, CMBS, or REIT.

SYNQWARE  - QRSYNQ allows advertisers/exhibitors and readers/attendees to immediately "start a conversation" when the reader scans a QR code in a publication, or when an attendee scans a QR code in an exhibitor's booth at an event. 

Transparensee Systems  - Transparensee provides an integrated search platform with powerful features including: best-in-class fuzzy matching, structured data navigation and visualization, and free text search. The technology is an enterprise software solution that can be plugged into any web site. The high speed solution (20-30 milliseconds average response time) provides near and exact search matches, includes a recommendation engine, and includes widgets and sliders for a highly intuitive, rich user experience.

Verisma Systems, Inc. - Using patented technology and administrative/quality review procedures, Verisma Systems helps health care providers better manage the process of responding to requests for the release of medical records.

VisibleGains  - VisibleGains provides software, coaching, and best practices that simplify the creation and use of video by business in support of attracting and retaining customers. Our goal is to enable any business user to go from concept to sharing a finished video in under 10 minutes. Our software includes proven templates that users follow in creating their content for all aspects of marketing and sales funnel - from attracting visitors to closing opportunities.

 New in 2011

The audience will be asked to vote for the Preview company best poised for success. The winner will be awarded the "Most Likely to Succeed" award during the CODiE Awards Dinner.

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