Why should you register now to attend? Read what some of our 2011 attendees had to say!

"uBoost has been an Innovation Incubator, Mentor and Sponsor over past three years and our growth is in large part due to the group of companies that comes together for this event.  I couldn't recommend it more highly to early stage and growth education technology companies."
John Bower, uBoost

"If you are a serious participant in the Education publishing industry as a content provider, investor, consultant, analyst, or publisher, the Ed Tech Industry Summit is THE conference to attend."
John Campbell, Cambium Learning Technologies

"The future of education is here!  The Ed Tech Industry Summit provides education industry professionals the opportunity to hear and network with thought leaders from throughout the industry."
Michael Campbell, (formerly of) Follett Software Company

"This is the event to bring your senior staff to, so they can learn and become part of the community."
Kevin Custer, Arc Capital Development

"The attendance is wonderful and I made great connections!"
Louise Dube, Time to Know

"The place to make educ tech industry business connections."
James England, Cambridge Global Grid for Learning

"It is a great opportunity to see some of the newest Ed Tech concepts."
Michal Fandel, Vocab Network

"Invaluable conference - you get an update on what's happening with the industry and chance to meet with key players large and small"
Glenn Fisher, RedRock Reports

"This is the premier B-to-B event for the Ed Tech Industry."
Rob Foshay, The Foshay Group

"Texthelp Systems is pleased to be in our 3rd year as sponsor of the SIIA Innovation Incubator program. The ED Tech Industry Summit is a tremendously valuable resource to promote our company across our industry."
Katie Gilligan, Texthelp Systems

"This conference is a "must attend" for any company in the B2B space!!!"
Jenny House, RedRock Reports

"One of the very best conferences out there and from my market-wide perspective, it is an absolute must for any company marketing or looking to market educational technology products. You'd be penny wise and pound foolish not to attend!"
Larry Jacobs, Education Talk Radio

"As a first time attendee, I found the conference far exceeded my expectations for networking opportunities and building strategic relationships. Also, I appreciated the candidness of the speakers- it really helped me to enhance my understanding of current trends in the education industry."
Nicole Johnson, WolframAlpha

"Year after year, the ETIS (Ed Tech Industry Summit) proves to be the best way to get a snapshot of new technologies, company changes, funding trends, and other factors that drive the ed tech business."
George Kane, (formerly of) School Specialty Inc.

"Not only did I learn a lot about the direction of our industry both nationally and globally, I also got to network with old colleagues and new contacts. I left the conference much better informed and connected than when I arrived."
Chuck Kleiner, Smarthinking

"One of the best Ed Tech conferences to be a part of the industry"
Supra Manohar, Mobl21 / Emantras

"Great conference!  Very well organized; excellent time management and thoughtful/efficient scheduling.  Thank you!!"
Steve Metzman, The Academic Tech Pack

"If you really want to know where the trends in the ed tech market are going - and hear from - as meet with- constituents in all facets of the industy, the EdTech Summit is the place to be!"
Toni Morgan, TechERA

"A well-structured informative event in the Education Tech Industry"
Pradeep Nair, Ness

"SIIA is a top notch experience that hits on the big three in education - know the market, know the people, know what's coming"
Jane Radenhausen, Today's Catholic Teacher

"A critical event to understand the dynamic changes in technology, digital media and progress towards educational transformation"
Kevin Roebuck, Oracle

"This conference does a great job taking the pulse of where the industry's at and where it's headed."
Jim Rogers, Consolidated Networks Corporation

"A very insightful conference with great focus on the hot topics industry players and educators alike are grappling with.  Unsurpassed networking opportunities with the "who's who" market-makers and shapers in the EdTech community is invaluable."
Steve Siegel, Follett Software Company

"Outstanding venue, program and opportunity to connect with the Ed Tech leadership throughout the industry."
Thomas Squeo, Measured Progress

“Not to be missed!"
Rosevita Warda, eSpindle Learning

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