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Innovation Incubator Program

SIIA’s Innovation Incubator Program locates and provides visibility to innovative developers of education technology products or services. Ten finalists and three alternates have been chosen to participate in SIIA’s 2010 Ed Tech Industry Summit.

The Innovation program is partially funded by the Summit's Innovation Incubator Sponsors:  The Blackboard Alliance Program,  Intel Corporation, Spectrum K12 and Texthelp Systems.

At the Ed Tech Industry Summit, the Innovators will gain visibility through three specially-designed events: Innovation Business Profiles, Innovation Showcase and Networking Reception and One-to-One Business Connections Meetings.

2010 Ed Tech Industry Summit Innovation Incubator Finalists

buildmytest for Item Banking, Assessments & Analytics
Pradeep Sharma, CEO, edtech systems 
Buildmytest impacts learning outcomes by activating grounded decisions in the classroom. This is achieved with communication and collaboration generated with asynchronous data analysis. It delivers rich interactive assessments, online learning and formal pencil & paper benchmark assessments. Teachers within Districts can build and share items, assessments, learning objects and remediation strategies that work. An educator gets process ease and efficiency with instantaneous access to a rich data store.

Clancy Marshall, General Manager, DynamicBooks
DynamicBooks brings a new generation of interactive textbooks to students, instructors and authors. Using the DynamicBooks online platform, instructors can customize the content of the most respected textbooks available with audio/video or new content with easy-to-use editing tools. Students will enjoy the convenience of online and downloadable access options, advanced digital tools plus a much lower priced textbook. Authors gain new creative options and timely book updates.

Donald Doane, CEO, ConnectYard, Inc.
ConnectYard allows faculty, staff and administrators to easily communicate with students across a variety of popular social and mobile media, including Facebook, Twitter and text messaging. The company provides educational institutions with an efficient centralized social media communications platform that opens a dynamic two-way messaging channel for engaging with today's media and social networking-savvy students.

education appliance
Abdul Kasim, VP of Global Marketing and Business Development, Critical Links
Critical Links' education appliance combines essential learning, networking and administration capabilities in a single unified platform. It is designed to support IT intensive one-to-one eLearning environments and to dramatically simplify and streamline student, teacher and administrative activities. From managing the many devices in a school to offering learning and admin tools (LMS/LAMS/SIS etc), to enforcing security and policies, it is a unique and complete K-12 solution.

Livemocha Active English
Clint Schmidt, Vice President, Marketing, Livemocha
Livemocha Active English, powered by Pearson, is a premium online course that combines video, grammar, and vocabulary content with speaking and writing submissions reviewed by experts for instructive grading and feedback.

Math-Whizz Tutoring Plus
Ben Keogh, CEO, Whizz Education Inc
Math-Whizz Tutoring Plus is an online virtual math tutor. Used by thousands of schools and homes in the UK we are now poised to expand into the US market.
Students are assessed and fun interactive content is then delivered according to their actual ability in each topic in the math curriculum. As students complete their lessons, they earn credits which can be used in the Whizz virtual world.

Supra Manohar, Executive Vice President, Emantras, Inc
Mobl21 democratizes mobile education – it is accessible enough for individual teachers and students to adopt, and scalable enough for institutional or enterprise adoption. The unique pedagogy of Mobl21 helps create learning assets that compliment formal learning,  extending the learning opportunity beyond traditional barriers. Users can create, manage, and publish content for “global accessibility.”

My Big Campus
Joel Heinrichs, CEO, Lightspeed Systems
With a filter-integrated and monitored Resource Library and collaboration tools, My Big Campus balances educational Web 2.0 use with network security and student safety. Web Access Manager, with My Big Campus, delivers intelligent filtering. This hosted site gives teachers and students access to educational content on the Web and greater use of technology and collaboration, while allowing IT staff to maintain network security, CIPA compliance, user safety, and Acceptable Use Policy enforcement.

Progress Monitoring Bundle
Dr. Tina Rooks, Educational Consultant, Turning Technologies
Turning Technologies LLC and Performance Matters have formed an innovative partnership focused on impacting data gathering and management in the education market. This unique partnership supports the integration of data gathering technology along with "in the moment" data management tools in support of school improvement efforts that create data infrastructure at student, classroom, grade, building and district levels, and promotes genuine data-driven decision making.

SkillsTutor Mobile
Adam Hall, President & CEO, Impact Education
SkillsTutor Mobile takes the award winning SkillsTutor basic skills content and delivers the program on hand-held devices. Both diagnostic and prescriptive, the program focuses on K-12 content in Reading, Math, Language Arts and Science, and delivers formative assessments and individualized lesson plans. Student data is accessible by teachers, administrators and parents in a series of comprehensive reports through the web.


2010 Ed Tech Industry Summit Innovation Incubator Alternates:

Susan Adelmann, Director, Partnerships and Business Development, Follett Software Company
Cognite is a comprehensive discovery and collaboration technology that empowers teachers and students to more effectively find, access and share resources, and brings teachers, parents and students together to ignite learning for K-12 grade students. It is a user-friendly and budget-friendly platform that can be integrated with Follett's Destiny solutions, and is delivered and supported by Follett Software Company.

Terry Murphy, CEO, Monarch Teaching Technologies
Vizzle is an award-winning Web-based SaaS for customized interactive visual curriculum. It's an easy-to-use and cost-effective way to create and share multimedia-rich educational materials for kids with autism or other visual learners. Access thousands of in-program images, audio and video clips, or upload your own. Display lessons interactively on computers, touchscreens or whiteboards as well as print. Vizzle was developed with The Monarch Center for Autism and Children’s Hospital Boston/Harvard Medical School.

Web-Based Learning
Sharon Masek, President, provides web-based learning tools that cover the SAT, GMAT, Math, and the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE).’s programs employ an intelligent tutoring system (ITS) that is innovative not only in its software design but also in its adaptive methodology of presenting content to students based on their demonstrated abilities. Students are given constant feedback and stay on a concept until they have mastered it. This learning methodology has been proven effective.

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