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SIIA Innovation Incubator

SIIA Innovation IncubatorSIIA’s Innovation Incubator program identifies and supports entrepreneurs in their development and distribution of innovative learning technologies. The program began in 2006 and has provided incubation for dozens of successful products and companies in their efforts to improve education through the use of software, digital content and related technologies.

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The Process for Selecting Innovation Incubator Award Winners

Each of the Innovation Incubator program participants listed below was selected from a pool of 75 applicants! On the first day of the Forum, each participant gave a 15 minute presentation. Conference attendees then selected finalists to present again on Tuesday. The "Most Likely to Succeed" and "Most Innovative" winners and runners-up were selected from among the finalists. The "Educators Choice" award was selected by educators attending the Monday presentations either in-person or virtually.

Innovation Incubator Award Winners

Program co-sponsored by BLEgroup, Texthelp, and TVTextbook

Clever - WINNER of the Most Innovative AND the Most Likely to Succeed Awards
 Video Slides
Clever was created when one of its founders tried to run technology a district, and couldn't believe how hard it was to deploy new educational software in the classroom. Clever provides a modern set of APIs that allow ISVs to for the first time plug directly into a schools existing data infrastructure. Launched earlier this year, Clever has grown faster than anyone expected, and is now used in over 1,500 schools across the country and powers many of the top learning applications e.g. DreamBox

Mathalicious - RUNNER-UP for the Most Innovative AND the Most Likely to Succeed Awards
 Video Slides
Mathalicious is rewriting middle- and high-school math around real-world topics that students care about. - Do people with small feet pay too much for shoes? (Proportions) - Is Wheel of Fortune rigged? (Percent) - How have video games changed over time? (Exponential growth) Teachers who use Mathalicious say it's helping transform how they teach math. Millions of students dislike math because they think it's irrelevant to their lives. Mathalicious is helping to change that.

Classroom, Inc. - WINNER of the all-new Educators Choice Award

Classroom, Inc., a nonprofit with 20 years’ experience closing the achievement gap for students, has developed a new blended-learning product that is a promising, research-based use of technology to help high-need students learn ELA and math Common Core State Standards and 21st century skills. We use technology creatively to provide a simulated workplace that personalizes student learning. As virtual editors, bankers, and sports executives, our students become 21st century learners.

(Educators Choice Award co-sponsored by edWeb.net and MCH Strategic Data)

Innovation Incubator Finalists & Presenters

C8 Sciences |  Video | Slides (FINALIST)
C8Kids, based on proprietary IP developed in 15 years of research at Yale, is a cloud-based, web-delivered neuroscience-based cognition improvement program that has the potential to solve some of the most significant problems in education and mental health. The program consists of integrated NIH-standard cognitive tests, computer exercises that adaptively assess and develop the brain’s executive functions (the eight core cognitive capacities that are the foundation of learning), and progress/outcome reports for teachers, parents, and clinical specialists. 

iCAN | Slides
The iCAN personalized assessment environment engages elementary school through college students as they set personal learning goals, self-evaluate, and create real-world evidence of their competency in any language, all while building a digital portfolio demonstrating their achievement over time. Teachers assign targeted learning tasks related to standards-based iCAN statements, monitor progress and provide continuous feedback to guide students towards proficiency.

iPrompts |  Video | Slides (FINALIST)
iPrompts is a suite of interactive tools for iOS and Android devices, designed to help students with autism understand tasks, remain attentive, learn socially appropriate behaviors, and transition to new activities. Used by more than 5,000 educators, iPrompts is multiple-time top-grossing iOS Medical app, allowing educators to rapidly configure video-, audio- and text-based prompts to support learning outcomes. Peer-reviewed research validates the product’s feasibility and usability.

KLEOplatform | Slides
The KLEOplatform includes the following components:  (1) KLEOaccounts - virtual wallets (similar to Paypal accounts) for all K-12 stakeholders to receive and aggregate funds; (2) KLEOapp - a suite of cloud-based applications that enable users to fundraise via social media and other channels; and (3) KLEOnetwork, an integrated proprietary network of vendors which are immediately available to all KLEO end-users to purchase needed goods for school. 

LearnSprout |  Video | Slides (FINALIST)
The LearnSprout API is a universal data connector that plugs into multiple SISs. It’s free to schools and takes less than 15 minutes to set up. Now, for the first time ever, edtech developers can build a single integration to our API and pull live data from whichever SIS their schools or districts happen to be using. For schools, it's a one-time setup, so they never have to coordinate a separate implementation with each edtech solution they want to bring into the district.

mSchool |  Video Slides (FINALIST)
Traditional virtual learning requires a school's approval and purchasing, or supervision and technology at home that many students don’t have. mSchool provides a combination of distance training, hardware, and software to existing community after school programs allowing them to open a "microSchool," which replaces core instructional time in a traditional classroom. mSchools offer higher quality instruction than existing schools in target areas, but scaling 98% faster and at 96% lower cost.

Reading Kingdom Slides
Reading Kingdom is a patented, adaptive, common-core aligned English language arts program that teaches children to read and write to a 3rd grade level. It offers a new and far more effective approach to the teaching of reading and writing using ingenious and unique techniques developed by Dr. Marion Blank, co-director of the Developmental Neuropsychiatry Program at Columbia University and world-renowned expert on language and reading. It is incredibly effective and remarkably successful.

RecoVend Collaborative Purchasing Platform Slides
RecoVend makes it easy for school administrators to work together to discover, research and buy the products and services they need. On RecoVend colleges produce comprehensive purchase requirements and submit media rich, digital RFPs to bid. This allows vendors to respond using images and video to showcase their solutions. RecoVend empowers vendors to access to new business opportunities, lower their customer acquisition costs and shorten the sales cycle while viewing real time sales analytics.

STEMscopes Slides
STEMscopes' is a K-12 comprehensive online science curriculum program that provides hands-on inquiry activities, assessments, problem-based-learning, intervention tools, acceleration materials, and teacher support resources. It is 100% aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and meets the rigor and depth of both the State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR) and High School End-of-Course (EOC) assessments.

PlatinuMath (alternate) | Slides
PlatinuMath responds to research showing that many elementary teachers lack the mathematical knowledge to teach math. Our suite of Web-based games strengthens the procedural & conceptual mathematics understanding of preservice elementary teachers. To engage emerging teachers in math and demonstrate the benefits of gaming, PlatinuMath takes the form of an adventure game with Steampunk art, a mystery narrative, and combined animation/live video. The program is a formative assessment tool as well.

The next Innovation Incubator program will take place at the 2013 Ed Tech Industry Summit, May 5-7 in San Francisco. The application will launch in January 2013. In the meantime, visit www.siia.net/etis/2013/ for more information (website officially launching soon). 

If you have any questions, contact Liderby Portorreal at Lportorreal@siia.net.

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