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Innovation Incubator


SIIA Innovation IncubatorSIIA is pleased to support innovation in the education technology industry through our Innovation Incubator Program.  This initiative promotes innovation by raising the profile of the most innovative ed tech products and services, while providing innovators with one-on-one access to captains of industry for mentorship, expert advice, and unique opportunities to connect with prospective partners to support growth. 

2010 Ed Tech Business Forum Innovation Incubator Finalists

I Can Do That! Kids             
Angelo Truglio, Founder, Atmotivate
This program’s “kid-friendly” characters help students learn how to learn. ICDTK improves self-efficacy, a belief that “I can do that successfully”.  Students gain strategies to Outsmart OBST, an annoying character representing obstacles. Cards, displays and printables are easily integrated into any lesson, project or activity.

K2 Browser    
Cliff Boro, CEO and Founder, KidZui
The KidZui K2 browser is stuffed with millions of kid-friendly websites, learning games, and videos and builds students' sense of independence online. All sites are curated by KidZui's editorial staff, parents, and teachers to ensure a safe and fun learning environment. Plus, weekly activity reports give teachers updates on their students' online activities and evolving interests to help shape their lesson plans.

Sara Moshman, President/CEO, MetaLogic Inc.
This instructional tool provides online collaborative content development and data tracking to teach students data analysis and research skills. Teachers can easily set up online databases and collaborative projects in real-time and students can collect data and also analyze results in real-time. Students can design, collect and evaluate their own research, gaining skills and confidence to find answers to their own problems.

Motion Math
Gabriel Adauto & Jacob Klein, Founders, Motion Math, Inc.
Motion Math creates learning games that fuse educational theories and advanced mobile technology to give learners a physical experience of math. First conceived at the Stanford School of Education, and drawing on research in embodied cognition, Motion Math is creating a gaming and data platform: under our physical/digital hybrid games, a unified architecture will individualize learning in real-time and provide detailed progress reports for kids, parents, and schools.

NCTAF Learning Studios
Tom Carroll, President, NCTAF
Thousands of retiring Boomers seek encore education opportunities. STEM Learning Studios deploy them as skill-based volunteers in cross-generational learning teams working on inquiry learning challenges with digital-age teachers and youth. Learning Studios blend face-to-face and online project-based learning.

Panopto Focus
Eric Burns, Chief Technology Officer, Panopto
Panopto Focus is empowers instructors and students to capture and broadcast lectures, mini-lessons, training sessions and presentations with PowerPoint/Keynote slides, audio, video and screen capture components. It includes search and note-taking features to maximize learning time, productivity and student achievement.

P.E.T. Learning Styles System
Mark Cosby, Senior Advisor, Vital Knowledge
P.E.T. helps schools increase student engagement by fostering self-directed learning, effective collaboration, self-awareness and understanding of others.  In addition, P.E.T. provides teachers with insight into the diverse learning needs of their students, equipping teachers with objective data points that support differentiated instruction, and providing strategies and activities for meeting individual student needs.

The Workbench
Ron Gwiazda, Founder & CEO, TRintuition LLC
The Workbench is an online application for authoring educational web content. It is currently used in elementary through graduate school by educators and students to create e-portfolios, websites, training materials, curriculum, classroom & professional presentations, and student projects of all kinds.

2010 Ed Tech Business Forum Incubator Program Alternate:
Andy Moss, CEO, Education Sports Mentoring LLC is a social game where Student Athletes compete for points and prizes by sharing and comparing issues, stories, and events important to them. The game is based on providing positive incentives for kids to help and mentor each other. ESMZone is built around a simple formula - Ask. Answer. WIN!

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