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Best Virtual Learning Solution

Recognizes the educational solution that best delivers course support, full courses or degree programs online, in either subcription-based or massive, open environments. Can be designed for tutoring, self-paced digital instruction, home-schooling, advance placement course work, credit recovery, instructional support, personalized learning environments, or college credit and targets the PK-12 or postsecondary market.

Adaptive Curriculum - Adaptive Curriculum

Adaptive Curriculum is a web-based, concept mastery solution that helps students develop deep understanding in math and science, which builds confidence and drives improved achievement. Designed for grades 6-12, Adaptive Curriculum helps students master core concepts and skills through participation in an immersive, differentiated learning environment. The online program engages digital-age learners by integrating real-world scenarios, cutting-edge graphics, animations, 3D models and interactive simulations into active, standards-based learning. Unlike drill-and-practice programs, this active learning approach motivates learners to explore, make hypotheses, manipulate items and see the impact of their decisions, thus developing and deepening their conceptual understanding.

Adaptive Curriculum is flexible and adaptable to multiple teaching environments. With online teacher guides, lesson plans and classroom strategies, teachers can easily integrate the online lessons into their daily instruction. The program’s instructional units, called Activity Objects, integrate cross-curricular content, immersive learning activities, instant feedback and real-time assessment to improve teaching and learning. The self-paced, multimedia and multisensory lessons help teachers address diverse learning styles and needs.

By linking content, technology and the latest research in lesson design and effective instruction, Adaptive Curriculum is transforming math and science achievement in U.S. classrooms and around the world.

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    Helix Personalized Learning - Altius Education

    Helix is an online learning environment that combines the powers of storytelling, big data, social learning, and adaptive technology to fundamentally change the way students experience online education.
    Acting on research in cognitive science, the Helix environment customizes every course through storytelling—unique tales that are personalized to students’ interests and degree goals. Using stories provides a narrative framework for learning that improves retention and also adds relevance to the subject matter. The environment is further personalized using Helix’s adaptive capabilities. Depending on students’ aptitude, pace, and degree goals his or her program will be tailored to fit a specific learning persona.
    Big data means big possibilities—aggregated data on courses and student teacher interactions is collected so that instructional designers have the information they need to improve the content and organization of each class.
    Social learning experiences are also integrated throughout the environment. A collaborative answer forum provides students and instructors with a platform to openly exchange ideas and help each other master course content.
    Helix’s increased efficiency will ultimately allow us to lower the cost of a degree program and provide more students with access to a quality higher education.

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    itslearning - itslearning, Inc.

    Designed especially for education, itslearning provides pedagogical tools needed to bring innovative best practices to every classroom. It includes a range of easy to use tools that allow teachers to easily author content, create individualized learning plans, align curriculum to learning objectives and generate assessments. Other tools such as teacher web pages, project pages, student dashboards, online discussion forums, blogs and video recorders help to further engage all students, build 21st century skills and communicate with parents.

    Designed to match best practices for teaching and learning, itslearning:
    •Allows teachers to customize content to meet different learning styles with a rich collection of multimedia tools and Web 2.0 content from within the platform.
    •Provides real-time data reporting for a wide range of reports including: attendance, online usage and activities, work completion, student progress, assessment outcomes and test performance analysis.
    •itslearning offers dynamic integration with SIS/MIS systems across a range of different formats; Single Sign On provides integration via authentication protocols including LDAP, SAMP with itslearning as well as other tools like lecture capture and clickers.
    •itslearning is intuitive, which ensures high user adoption rates and the need for minimal training, guaranteeing a real ROI for school systems.

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    McGraw-Hill Practice Marketing - McGraw-Hill Higher Education Group

    McGraw-Hill Education's Practice Marketing is a 3D, multiplayer strategy game that allows students to engage with the key concepts of marketing in a compelling game environment while remaining academically and pedagogically sound. Students learn by doing what it takes to be an effective marketing manager. Students are required to create a product, a backpack, and launch it to market successfully by making smart choices regarding their target market segment, distribution channels, pricing and promotional message. They conduct competitive research by analyzing their competitors’ choices. The game keeps track of each player’s market share in the target segment and students also receive feedback from their customers for further analysis. Practice Marketing encourages critical thinking and discussion and critical thinking questions allow instructors to assess student comprehension.

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    MyFoundationsLab - Pearson

    MyFoundationsLab is a complete online mastery-based resource for assessing and remediating college- and career-readiness skills in reading, writing and mathematics. The system offers a rich environment of pre-built or customized assessments, personalized learning plans, and highly interactive learning activities that enable students to master skills at their own pace. Ideal for learners of various levels and ages, including continuing education or workforce readiness programs, MyFoundationsLab provides the skill development students need in order to be successful in college level courses or careers.

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    Questia - Questia

    Questia helps students find and cite high-quality, scholarly research, and provides an instructional platform to guide proper use of sources within research papers.

    Combining interactive research tutorials hat provide the support of a standard research guide with videos, task-oriented lessons, and quizzes deep library of online books and articles, easy-to-use search engine and time-saving tools, Questia will helps students research smarter, faster.

    Research tutorials help with writing research papers:
    Develop a deeper understanding of the research process through our interactive tutorials that provide the support of a standard research guide with videos, task-oriented lessons, and quizzes. Covering 10 different topics – such as Planning a Paper or Avoiding Plagiarism – you'll pick up many valuable tips for writing a research paper.

    Sources students can cite and reference:
    Questia offers quality sources selected by librarians and approved by professors, many of them peer-reviewed! With more than 75,000 academic books and more than 9 million articles from more than a thousand of the world’s leading publishers, Questia is your single destination for scholarly academic and professional research – and nothing is ever checked out!

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    Glencoe Math Courses 1-3 - The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

    Built around the Common Core State Standards, Glencoe Math is a robust toolkit designed to support your unique teaching style, your ideas, and the needs of your students.

    · Glencoe Math lets you plan your way

    o Online prepared lesson plans can be differentiated to meet your students’ needs

    o Customizable presentations and thousands of digital resources mean you can prepare materials to match your teaching style

    · Glencoe Math lets you teach your way

    o Lighter, smaller Walkaround Teacher Edition contains the essentials for the classroom

    o New digital tools allow you to make the most out of your classroom technology

    · Glencoe Math lets your students learn their way

    o Traditional and digital tools engage students in a variety of formats

    o New flexible digital platform allows students to work anywhere on any device

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