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Best Semantic Technology Solution

Recognizes the Best Semantic Technology Platform specifically designed for media, publishers & information providers. Nominees may include solutions that range from automated tagging and analysis, semantic advertising to content enrichment and can be industry focused (e.g. scientific) or designed for general or broad information.

ClinicalKey - Elsevier

ClinicalKey provides faster, smarter access to the relevant online clinical answers physicians seek. As Elsevier's clinical insight engine, ClinicalKey provides quick access to highly targeted content, drawing on evidence-based information from more than 900 textbooks and 500 medical journals. ClinicalKey is powered by Elsevier's Smart Content, tagged with EMMeT (Elsevier Merged Medical Taxonomy), which enables ClinicalKey to understand clinical terms and thus discover medical content that is the most relevant, plus find related content that would be missed by other search engines. Elsevier's Smart Content has been designed to understand the vast number of relationships between clinical concepts. By organizing these relationships in a hierarchical manner, it guarantees that ClinicalKey provides specific, targeted results to physicians' questions. Information on ClinicalKey is also easily shared, helping colleagues and care teams make the best decisions for patients. For example, the built-in presentation maker allows physicians to dynamically communicate the latest medical and surgical information to colleagues and care teams. Users can easily create a PowerPoint embedded with the text or images they want to share.

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    Luxid® Content Enrichment Platform - TEMIS Inc.

    The shift to digital has presented information providers with new business opportunities and customer expectations. In this context, semantic content enrichment has emerged as a genuinely game-changing capability for competing effectively.
    At the forefront of this industry trend, TEMIS' flagship Luxid� Content Enrichment Platform is widely chosen by leading publishers worldwide to automate the extraction of entities, relationships, concepts and topics from their digital assets, and augment content enrichment and linking.

    Luxid� makes content more compelling:
    Semantic content enrichment enhances the audience's experience in discovering, navigating and analyzing content. Semantics boosts content findability and discoverability through improved SEO, navigational facets, links to related content, and powerful analytics.

    Luxid� helps develop innovative products:
    Semantic enrichment promotes the efficient packaging of content into new types of products. Topic pages and API-driven content feeds leverage structured and highly granular semantic metadata to deliver topical collections answering the needs of targeted audiences.

    Luxid� boosts editorial productivity:
    Semantic content enrichment automates tagging, categorization and linking, thus reducing the effort required to accomplish tasks that were previously manual.

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