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Best Legal Information Solution

Recognizes the Best Legal Information Solution designed for the legal professional. Nominees may submit solutions that provide access to primary and secondary legal research sources; business development tools as well as litigation support and e-discovery solutions dedicated to the legal profession.

Lexis Advance - LexisNexis Group

Lexis Advance(R) is a dynamic next-generation legal information solution that transforms the way legal professionals conduct research. The web-based research service provides an intuitive, visual interface, sophisticated browse-functionality and pre- and post-search filters so that users of all experience levels can easily personalize, analyze and manage their research.

Only the Lexis Advance service gives lawyers single-search access to premium Lexis(R) content featuring more than 20 billion documents from over 40,000 sources as well as relevant open Web content with Lexis(R) Web.

Lexis Advance(R) harnesses high-speed search and unique intelligent linking technology to provide users with relevant results fast, revealing connections legal professionals would not want to miss.

Sophisticated visualization that were tools exclusively built for Lexis Advance(R) give users quick overviews and insights to help them adjust their research strategy based on research history, related issues, case validation and analysis of recent verdicts and settlements.

Whether they are in the office, on the road or at court, Lexis Advance(R) is available for lawyers anytime, anywhere online and mobile (iPhone, iPad, Android).

Lexis Advance(R) was built in close collaboration with legal professionals based on more than 30,000 customer interactions. It also distinguishes itself through transparent pricing.

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    Web Preserver - Reed Technology (a member of the LexisNexis family)

    Web Preserver is a SaaS-based web page capture and archiving solution for the legal industry. The Web Preserver service provides web researchers the ability to quickly capture and preserve fully functioning web page(s), including all of the links and associated metadata, with one simple keystroke, storing all content in a highly secure and fully searchable repository. This elegant service ensures future access to all stored web pages regardless of their availability on the internet. The forensically-preserved web records are easily retrieved in their fully functional original layout and format for review, for sharing with opposing counsel, for use in court cases, audits, to support records management retention guidance, and more. The solution includes a range of advanced search capabilities and is quickly becoming a must-have for legal entities engaged in e-Discovery / IP infringement, helping law firms and corporate law departments to quickly and easily demonstrate inappropriate behavior on the web to regulators. All stored pages include digital time and date stamps ensuring viability as evidence in court. The Web Preserver plug-in sits on the user's internet explorer toolbar, and is built to ensure the user captures and can produce critical evidence on demand, including on any mobile device.

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    IA Watch - United Communications Group (UCG)

    IA Watch is the leading source for authoritative answers to the toughest challenges being faced by SEC-registered investment adviser compliance professionals. The compliance resource delivers up-to-the-minute news, exclusive analysis and proven best practices, comprehensive compliance tools and templates being pioneered by leading firms, industry live conferences and issue-specific webinars, a vendor directory tagged by areas of expertise and a network of thousands of compliance peers and regulators to its audience. IA Watch provides subscribers early warning of upcoming regulations and plain-English guidance to master complex government rules. IA Watch further provides step-by-step instructions on how to survive an SEC examination, build a winning compliance program, identify key compliance risks and thrive as a registered advisory firm. Subscribers have the ability to set up advanced search and customizable e-mail alerts on their pre-selected issues of interest so they are never surprised by regulatory actions or industry developments. An IA Watch subscription also includes a subscription to IA Week, an award winning national publication.

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    Workshare/SkyDox for Cloud Collaboration - Workshare

    As a leading provider of secure enterprise collaboration applications, Workshare allows individuals to create, share and manage high-value content anywhere, on any device. It enhances collaborative efficiency by enabling content owners to accurately track and compare changes from contributors simultaneously. The integrated Workshare platform also reduces the commercial risk posed by inadvertently sharing confidential or sensitive documents. Specifically, through software that integrates with Microsoft Outlook, Workshare ensures confidential information is removed from attachments before they are emailed. This allows professionals to continue operating the way they’re used to – sending email attachments. The difference is, via robust permission settings, IT administrators can ensure attachments are protected in a multitude of ways with highly-customizable policy settings so that:

    o All attachments sent outside the company are automatically converted to PDFs or into links with expiration dates;
    o Documents with the word “confidential” in the footer are blocked altogether;
    o Emails sent from the CEO’s address are automatically scrubbed of sensitive metadata, to ensure security without compromising productivity.

    Files converted to links or PDFs are stored on Workshare’s secure, cloud-enabled platform that allows document owners to control who can access, edit and download the file. Workshare’s platform is compatible with more than 200 file types.

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